Mongolian Association for Primary and Secondary School Development
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  • MAPSSD was established in November 11, 1999 after the closing conference of program “Supporting Mongolian primary and secondary education development” (1992-1999), that was implemented between the governments of Mongolia and Denmark, by the initiatives of project coordination team and project school teachers.  
  • After establishment, the MAPSSD made a request to the Government of Denmark and DANIDA on sustaining the outcome of the program mentioned above in further and they accepted the request pleasantly and supported the Rural school development project from its fund for non-government organizations through the Danish-Mongolian Society. The four-year project had being carried out in 40 rural schools from remote aimags and soums since 2000.      
  • DANIDA appreciated the outcome of the project, in particular, the enormous work undertaken by rural Mongolian  primary and secondary schools’ staff, local government heads, parents and local community with a little financial support and gave a chance to expand the number of project schools to 80 in its second phase and continue it up to September, 2010.          
  • Since 2010 namely at the end of “Rural school development’ project that was carried out in two-phases the local school teachers initiated and established the MAPSSD branches in their locals.  
  • Since 2011 the MAPSSD has tight collaboration with CICED/ Community for International Cooperation in Education and Development, Denmark which runs similar activities.
  • In 2012-2013 it successfully undertook a partnership activity “Civil society development in rural Mongolia” jointly with CICED in its local 57 branches.       
  • Today “Mongolization of Civil Society Development in Rural Mongolia” project is being implemented (2014-2016) by MAPSSD in collaboration with CICED in its local branches with support from DANIDA of Denmark.  
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