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2018 : 09 : 24

The project team worked in rural areas

In short, we have visited 20 branch offices in 2018, meet with their supporters and discuss the results of the project "Improving the Capacity of Local Civil Society Based on Traditional Mongolian Culture" and further its objectives.

 Particularly, in the five new branches of the industry, some examples have been successfully organized in the spring of June 2018 in the "Conflict" newspaper, which has been successfully organized by many branches in the spring of this year to "develop their own communities."

New book

B. Jadambaa, head of the Academic Department of B.Badambaa, has been writing the following two books for us and we will soon be able to read: "Sustainable development goals and learning", "Methods to train pupils in the process of learning".


Our contribution to the "Mongolian Studies"

Teachers and students led by Professor Ines Scholpe of Bonn University in Germany will come to Mongolia in August to visit our soums. 12 faculty members from the University of Asia and Mongolia will visit Khashaat, Und-Ulaan, Arkhangai Aimag, Bayan-Agt and Khangal soums of Arkhangai aimag and visit our student dormitory to study our traditions and customs. The branches of our society are contributing to this Mongolian study. Previously, our tourists from Bonn and Humboldt University of Germany received 2 courses in Gurvan Saikhan, Dundal and Bayan-Adarga soums of Umnugobi aimag.


 Board member D.Tookhuar 

It is good to hear from members of the BDPU Board Member D.Tookhuar. D.Tookhuar is a Senior Manager of School of Erdene soum of Dornogovi aimag and has been working with us since 2000 and is now the most active member and coordinator of the Coordination Council in Erdene soum. Good luck to all of you who are always with us in the development of rural Mongolia

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