Mongolian Association for Primary and Secondary School Development
2018 : 09 : 17

"Bolor Duran" spellchecking software is being gifted to all secondary school teachers.

The Bolorsoft company's "Bolor Duran" software is being gifted to all private and state secondary school teachers. Take the following steps to get software which is spread due to tour named "Bolorsoft 10 - Tour of supporting education":

  1. Copy of official letter requesting to merge tour.
  2. A list of the teacher's names and the ID number, etc. Download the documentation below to fill out the list.
    Download address:

Prepare the above items and send the copy to, which will allow the teacher to acquire the software.

The teachers who have the right to get the software will visit the following address and get the program.


The above information is requested by branch offices to distribute and please share to other local schools.


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